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Sixx King is one of today’s most promising director/producer/writer. A natural organizer, mobilizer and pop culture maven, King is always on the cutting-edge of what’s new and hot in entertainment. Through his company, Sixx Degrees  Media, King has produced music videos for some of the industry's brightest artists.

In 2008, King was tapped as an on air personality for Radio One WPHI 100.3 The Beat and WRNB 107.9, taking home the March Of Dimes A.I.R. award for Best New On Air Talent. Also in 2008, King formed Youth, Politics’& Empowerment, a program that introduces young people to film and television producing while learning about the political process.

While recovering from a few failed relationships, King began blogging about these topics which lead him to the prestigious Essence magazine online audience. His open candor was an immediate hit with the all female magazine audiences and spawned his first book entitled, Giving Love A Chance The Secrets to Men Women and Relationships.

In 2012 King directed the highly anticipated and emotional documentary 

Mothers of No Tomorrow the film shed light on the journey black mothers are forced to take when their children are lost to intraracial  violence.

The highlight of King’s career is his commitment to his son and the community. As a father King believes that what children become today is what our future will become tomorrow.




Since the inception of Sixx Degrees Media, Mr. Puente has been a grounding force. Among his many talents, his vast knowledge of film production greatly increased the company’s visibility as a leading production company.  After losing a sibling and witnessing his mother struggle with this untimely loss, completing the Mothers of No Tomorrow documentary became a personal mission for Mr. Puente. 





Mr. Starkes has dedicated the majority of his adult life fulfilling a self-imposed duty to perform what he deems as "community service".  His method of "community service" is centered around the progressive development of young men through mentorship. Channeling the sage words of the honorable W.E.B DuBois, Starkes routinely advises these young men "to be ready to give up what you are for what you might become".

The collaborative effort with Sixx King to develop the "Mothers of No Tomorrow" movement perfectly paralleled with Starkes' commitment to "community service".


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